• Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas.
  • I went to college at Bryn Mawr, near Philadelphia, graduating in 2004.
  • I ended up extending my stay in the Philadelphia area by going to graduate school at Penn.
  • After that, I moved to the DC area, where I started a postdoc at the University of Maryland in 2011.
  • When I visit family over the holidays, it’s sometimes to Kansas, but more often to Oregon or Colorado.
  • In my life outside of the lab, I have played rugby since I was 17.
  • I train for life by lifting heavy things and running short distances.
  • I love hiking, camping, fishing, cooking, restaurants, good beverages, travel, music, theater, and good jokes.
  • I also love trivia, and was once on a game show.
  • And now I am living in the lovely Pioneer Valley.

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