My Mission

I work in the field of soft matter physics, and currently am working on 2 major projects in the lab of Wolfgang Losert at the University of Maryland. The first is a "traditional" soft matter, looking at non-affine motions within a granular material. The second is using techniques from soft matter to study the motions of crowded cells - what can we learn about cells by measuring them like we would emulsions, colloids or grains?

In addition to being the "The next big(ger) thing," soft matter is an ideal platform to translate science to the public and to train young students. The systems are familiar but fun, such as shaving cream and jello. While the raw data is usually straightforward enough to present to anyone (i.e. a video), the experimental design and data analysis test problem solving skills and creativity.

I'm also highly interested in science pedagogy, education policy, outreach, and writing. In 2012 I was an AAAS Mass Media Fellow

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